This is a wonderful set for cooking healthy dishes! It’s a multi-purpose knife and 2 Chef’s knives - all very necessary in the house! 

The set contains 3 white ceramic knives: a utility kitchen knife with a blade length of 125 mm (SC-0021B), a Chef’s knife, 145 mm (SC-0082B) long and another Chef’s knife, 175 mm (SC-0084B) long.

Thanks to its super-high hardness, the ceramic knife is able to cut without sharpening for years. It has no scratches and is significantly lighter than steel. Ceramic leaves no unpleasant aftertaste as it doesn’t react chemically with any products. When cutting the product, it doesn’t stick to the blade, and these special knives don’t absorb odor of products, such as fish, and, of course, don’t rust! The ergonomic handle of the TPR-plastic is coated with heat-resistant rubber and prevents slipping. The ceramic knife is a reliable tool for working with vegetables, fruit, bread, mushrooms, meat and fish fillets, as well as meat delicacies. Ceramic knives are ideal for cooking and are preferred by all lovers of healthy eating!

Blade hardness82 HRC
Blade materialZirconium ceramic
Handle materialTPR

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