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Samura DAMASCUS 67 Paring knife 3,9

This is a light multi-purpose knife for cutting and cleaning small vegetables and fruits, sausages, ..

Ex Tax: 44.00€

Samura 67 Slicing knife 7,7

Our Samura online store offers the slicing knife - an ideal slicer of the high-quality and practical..

Ex Tax: 24.00€

Samura 67 Bread knife 8,5

If you decide to buy the bread knife, pay attention to the convenient and size-conscious version of ..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura 67 Chef’s knife 8,2

The European Chef is one of the most indispensable chef's kitchen knives and a right hand in every k..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura 67 Paring knife 3,9

To buy the knife for vegetables and fruits of Samura 67 series, just place an order in our special S..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura 67 Santoku 7,0

The traditional Japanese Santoku from Samura is one of the varieties of the most versatile knives su..

Ex Tax: 34.00€

Samura 67 Utility knife 6,0

All 15 cm of the kitchen knife (multiple purpose Samura 67 series) will be constantly much-in-demand..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura 67 Сhef`s Starter Knife Set: Paring knife, Utility knife, Chef. Hardness 59 HRC

The chef's threesome is a set of professional kitchen knives, including such varieties of knives, wh..

Ex Tax: 60.00€

Samura BAMBOO Knife block Set with 4 kitchen knives. Hardness 59 HRC

The gift set of knives is a gorgeous gift option for both a professional cook and an amateur gastrol..

Ex Tax: 130.00€

Samura BAMBOO Santoku hollow ground 6,3

With its spine descending to the point and extremely long cutting edge, the Samura Bamboo Santoku is..

Ex Tax: 30.00€

Samura BAMBOO Bread knife 8,0

The wavy cutting edge of the Samura Bamboo Bread knife is ideal for products with a fairly hard crus..

Ex Tax: 28.00€

Samura BAMBOO Chef’s knife 8,0

The professional 20 cm Chef's knife is a multifunctional European Chef intended for performing the v..

Ex Tax: 32.00€

Samura BAMBOO Cleaver 7,0

The meat cleaver Samura Bamboo is a professional knife with a massive and very wide blade desig..

Ex Tax: 42.00€

Samura BAMBOO Paring knife 3,2

The vegetable kitchen knife is made of Japanese single-layer AUS-8 steel and has a full set of perfo..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura BAMBOO Slicing knife 8,0

The Samura Bamboo Slicer is designed for filigree work and is able to accurately cut the product int..

Ex Tax: 28.00€

Samura BAMBOO Small Santoku, hollow ground 5,5

The Samura Bamboo Santoku (small) has the same numerous functional capabilities as the ordinary..

Ex Tax: 24.00€

Samura BAMBOO Steak knife 5

If you are about to buy the steak knife, we recommend that you throw eye on the stylish Samura BAMBO..

Ex Tax: 18.00€

Samura BAMBOO Utility knife 5,0

The Utility HoReCa knife Samura Bamboo is one of the most common knives in the professiona..

Ex Tax: 22.00€

Samura BAMBOO Utility knife 6,0

The multifunctional Samura Bamboo Utility knife for vegetables, fruits, dainties and a variety ..

Ex Tax: 22.00€

Samura BAMBOO Сhef`s Starter Knife Set: Paring knife, Utility knife, Chef. Hardness 59 HRC

The magnificent BAMBOO series Cook's threesome from the famous Samura brand can be ordered in our br..

Ex Tax: 54.00€

Here you can buy Samura kitchen knives!

Our Samura online store offers you to get a closer look at your range and buy a kitchen knife from a well-known and popular brand. Each and every knife is the result of using the old knowledge of knife-making, first-grade Japanese steel, utterly strict quality control, and solely offhand grinding. It is only such attitude to manufacture that can guarantee the first-rate quality of kitchen knives that we are so proud of.


Almost all knives have double-sided blade. Featuring old classical traditions of knife-making, they are perfectly adapted to European cuisine. Our knives are characterized by incredible lightness and tremendous ergonomics of use, legendary sharpness that samurai knives were so famous for, as well as a unique design that can add an elegant finishing touch to the interior of absolutely any kitchen.


discount on the first order


Of course, by definition a good knife can not be cheap, but Samura is at its best here as well: direct supplies from Japan allow to maintain a decent and affordable price level. Therefore, with all their amazing qualities, Samura kitchen knives come at quite a reasonable price that is way lower than that of the equivalents of other manufacturers. And if you still do not know which kitchen knife to buy for your kitchen, you should get a little bit closer look at our catalog.

Step 1: Learn all Samura's features and benefits before you buy the kitchen knife

So, you have decided to buy the kitchen knife, good and high-quality, and you probably face the problem of choice.


Japanese knives in general and Samura items in particular have a number of distinguishing advantages that make them irreplaceable assistants of a professional or amateur cook.


Our knives are very special:

  1. Originally sharp and strong. The unique composition of specialized alloys and special steel hardening technologies ensure its hardness in the range of 58-61 HRC, which allows to maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge for extended periods and provides the necessary strength of the product.
  2. Able to retain necessary sharpness. Unique multi-stage sharpening methods using whetstones with various grain size and offhand grinding, as well as an optimal cutting angle are no less conducive to the long-term retention of perfect blade sharpness.
  3. Impeccable cut quality. The characteristic Japanese blade geometry greatly simplifies the knife work and gives it an inexpressible Japanese tincture.
  4. Simultaneously light and substantial. Practically insensible weight and the perfect balance between the blade and the handle allow to handle the Japanese knife for quite a while without getting tired.

  5. Surprisingly ergonomic. A meticulously thought-out shape of the handle ensures its convenient and reliable grip during manipulation. 

It is enough to buy the Samura kitchen knife just once to turn the daily routine cooking process into an easy, quick, and pleasant process!


Step 2: Before you buy the kitchen knife, explore the Samura range

There is one more reason to buy the Samura kitchen knife. Check it out - the Samura catalog amazes with its diversity. It is not just knives from a variety of high-quality materials, but also sets and all sorts of knife accessories. It is a consistently stylish and elegant design and a top-notch workmanship that unite all of the above.

Damascus Knives

Stunningly beautiful knives made of the legendary Damascus steel with their blades featuring unique texture patterns make up the premium collection of the brand. The multi-layered blade consists of a hard high-carbon core covered with multiple layers of softer steel. It hardly ever requires sharpening and provides a perfectly sharp cutting edge.

The product line features 3 collections:

  • Premium Sakai series with a 33-layer blade, a forged texture pattern and a handle made of natural wood;
  • Damascus series with 67 layers of steel, a plastic handle and a metal bolster;
  • Damascus 67 series as above, however, without a bolster, but in a packaging with sharpening paper.

Damascus knives are stunningly beautiful and high-quality. Each and every knife invariably becomes an adornment of any kitchen collection.

Single-Layer Steel Knives


Well, those who prefer functionality and simplicity can buy a kitchen knife made of single-layer AUS-8 steel. The product line features several amazing and stylish series:

  •  MO-V  similar in design to Damascus series and also equipped with a G-10 plastic handle and a bolster;
  •  Kaiju  incredibly beautiful blued steel blades with a forged texture pattern and a stabilized wood handle;
  • Shadow feature Black Anti-slip coating that gives the blade an unusual black color, as well as an ABS plastic handle; 
  •  Solid-cast Bamboo — made completely of steel characterized by high hygiene and recommended for use with HoReCa; 
  • Okinawa — a series of traditional Japanese knife types (nakiri, yanagiba and deba);
  •  Harakiri is a budget series, workhorses for household use.

Samura single-layer steel knives are an ideal option for routine daily use both at home or in a professional kitchen.

Ceramic and Ceramic Titanium Knives

Ceramic titanium and ceramic are the newest direction of knife-making. These modern materials have absolutely amazing properties: increased hardness (over 80 HRC), chemical resistance and unsurpassed sharpness, which requires neither sharpening nor straightening, as well as incredible light weight. They are produced in black or white and are considered a remarkable achievement of knife-making of recent years.

Knife Sets

Our Samura online store gives its visitors ample opportunities to compile an individual collection of top-notch Japanese knives. If desired, you can buy ready-made sets of different collections. Such multi-purpose options include two to multiple knives, which are highly demanded in any kitchen, for example, such as a kitchen pair or the "cook's threesome".


All sets come complete in a beautiful packaging, with an optional rest, with their aggregate cost slightly lower than when buying individual items separately.


To buy the Samura kitchen knife in our branded online store means to be certain of its authenticity, high-quality and durability!