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Samura SAKAI Paring knife 3

The Samura online store offers to buy the Damascus steel paring knife from the elite Sakai series. I..

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Samura SAKAI Slicing knife 9,4

With a long straight forged blade, this Japanese Damascus steel slicer knife is designed for slicing..

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Knife made in Japan


Japanese Kitchen Knives: Samura Sakai Series


Samura brand represents the Sakai collection of premium Japanese kitchen knives made directly in Japan. Both professional chefs and amateur cookery specialists will appreciate for sure the studied elegance of the design and perfect performance characteristics of these knives made of high-grade Damascus steel.


Sakai series knives embody both the ancient craft secrets used in the making of the legendary katana swords and sophisticated innovative solutions that made Japanese kitchen knives to the flagship products worldwide.


Hammered steel blades feature a high-carbon core (VG-10) underlying the 33 layers of more malleable Tsuchime steel. The steel hardness is at least 61 HRC. Softer steel layers, which wear off over time, allow the knife to maintain its exceptional sharpness for quite a while with rare grinding. Fine finish polishing and sharpening of the blade is done manually.

Blades are characterized by traditional Japanese geometry featuring the spine descending to the cutting edge and a unique blade pattern in the form of bulges and troughs. Of course, blackened steel should not be left unmentioned, which serves as a "contributor" to the aesthetic appeal of each knife. It is this feature of the Sakai collection that will undoubtedly arrest your sight.


A metallic bolster separates the blade from a natural handle made of mahogany wood of a reddish hue. It is perfectly balanced with the blade and adds elegance and perfection to the knife appearance.


An incredibly beautiful elite line of Japanese Sakai kitchen knives is a wide range of multifunctional and highly tailored knives comprising the most popular and much-in-demand specimens.