Samura Knives: Perfection of every detail


We love knives more than anything else in the world, and we are obsessed with knives. 

We know everything about metal, about steels, about techniques, about grinding and polishing. We understand quality and style.

We are devoted to the knife business and strive to be the best, to outperform all the rest. 

We are perfectionists, who obsess over every detail.

We are SAMURA — a team of professionals who create uniquely designed, high-end knives.


Our knives are our philosophy. We have our own idea of what the ideal knife should be — a thinly wrought blade, made of hard steel, with correct geometry, light weight and precision quality in every detail. 

You will understand why Samura knives cut better, why they are more comfortable, as soon as you pick one up. 

Perfect balance, incredible sharpness.

We are proud of our knives because we have invested everything that we have, including our souls, in every knife and in every knife line. From an original sketch to a 3D model, from the 3D model to a prototype, from the prototype to a serial model, we do everything ourselves, without outsourcing anything.

Our production process is 90% manual labour. Absolutely all Samura knives are sharpened by hand on whetstones. 

Our main production principle is precision in everything. 

If you buy a Samura knife, you get maximum cutting performance. 


We started our journey in 2003. We made our first product lines with the Japanese companies MAC and Mcusta. Japanese philosophy and traditions run deep in our DNA. We are absolutely sure that a Japanese knife cuts better than a European one. Japanese knives remain sharper longer and retain their edges longer.

But Japanese knives have their weaknesses. Authentic Japanese knives are too fragile and excessively hard. They require special care. They can easily be damaged, even by hitting a small bone. Many Japanese knives are made of high-carbon steel, which rusts quickly.

We decided to do away with these shortcomings, keeping only the main thing — Japanese cutting performance. 

We experimented for four years and created Samura — a symbiosis of Japanese knife tradition and European reliability. 

Samura knives are made from the best Japanese and Swedish steel, hardened to 58 - 61 HRC. The blades have a Japanese shape and fine taper from the spine, which gives them their fantastic cutting performance.

Samura knives are sharpened at an angle of 17 degrees. This is more than on Japanese knives, but less than on European knives.

We use the best modern materials for the handle: Micarta, G10, stabilised wood, plastic with a soft-touch coating, Kraton, and composites. 

In 2008, we released our first line of ceramic knives. 

Samura has been making its knives at production sites in four countries since 2010. 

We are currently producing 18 knife lines and a huge number of kitchen accessories. 

Every year we create at least three new knife lines.