This is new star - ALFA by SAMURA

Posted by Deniss 21/12/2018 0 Comment(s)

This is a new star among kitchen knives, born in the infernal flame of a muffle oven and tempered at -260° in liquid nitrogen. Created from the best Japanese AUS-10 steel and sharpened manually on a whetstone to a razor sharpness.

Speaking of ALFA knife, we cannot fail to mention the fact that this is a very lightweight knife, it weighs only 154 g (5,4 oz). It could be used in the form of a brush for writing paintings or a baton, but it was created for cutting. One motion. Easily and naturally.

ALFA (Alpha) is a knife for true connoisseurs of beauty, for aesthetes, for perfectionists.

You do not even need to cook with this knife — you can use it as an art object in your kitchen, or as an ornament.