Dangerous SAMURA serrated knife with a bilateral blade. Final Cut

Posted by Inga 20/12/2018 0 Comment(s)

Samura HARAKIRI collection features a dangerous and ruthless serrated knife with the bilateral blade. Of course, it is a joke. However, the knife is truly special, with its serrated side intended for frozen foods and a smooth cutting side meant for slicing bread and various thick skinned products. Double blade is a double advantage!


In fact, Samura does not recommend using most of its knives for processing frozen or bony foods: such solid products can easily damage or even disable a Damascus steel or ceramic blade. However, some foods are easier to cut half defrosted, including liver, lung, fish, etc., with pieces appearing more accurate and even. Sometimes, it is necessary to cut fish, game or meat with quite large bones.


That is why we created and introduced to the market a special purpose serrated knife for a specific range of kitchen manipulations. A serrated blade with teeth of a certain size and shape can easily cope with frozen foods and cut chicken or meat into perfect cubes for stews, i.e. it can handle everything that is strictly contraindicated to other knives. You can use the other side of the knife to gently cut even the softest pastry or fruits: the blade can easily pass through the hard pineapple skin or crispy loaf crust without damaging or crushing the soft core. This knife is just indispensable and really needed in any kitchen!




The blade is made of AUS-8 steel designed specifically for knives and is known for its corrosion resistance and strength. With its hardness of 59 HRC, both cutting edges are able to retain their perfect sharpness for a long time, without frequent sharpening and straightening.


The distinctive shape of the non-slip handle made of high-quality plastic ensures comfortable and safe grip in any direction of the cut, and will neither turn nor slip out, even if held with a wet hand. It is easy and pleasant to work with this serrated knife!