Ceramic knife or steel knife? Let’s overview the options

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There are several options on the market, when it comes to picking the right knife for you. The main difference between steel kitchen knife and ceramic knife is the material the blade is made out of.  As blade is the most important part of the knife, you must fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of both, so let’s take a quick look at the main pros and cons:


Samura ceramotitan knives set



Of course, ceramics are more fragile, but at the same time ceramic and the blade made of it, is very hard (Mohs hardness 8,2-8,7 units for ceramics and  for steel is a maximum of 6.2). So, ceramic knives keep sharp much longer than the steel kitchen knives, pretty much for years.



Any kitchen knife should not be dropped, but this is more related to ceramics than any other material. On the other hand, even a steel knife can deform from the drop and you will possibly need to fix it. The same goes with the food being cut on a glass cutting boards, which are harmful for any of your blades.


Modern Ceramic knives


The main advantages of the ceramic knives are:

  • They don’t keep any odors or absorb the smells
  • They keep really sharp for a long years
  • The design is up-to-date

Ceramic knives can be multi-purpose, so you will be able to cut meat or fish fillets, vegetables, fruits or bread. Moreover, only the ceramic knife is able to cut the bread without any crumbs.


Ceramic knife Samura


How to pick the best knife?

Ceramic itself should be totally white, without any transparent spots within a blade. High-quality knife has a comfortable handle and grip, no gaps between the handle and a blade.