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REPTILE - is a collection of state-of-the-art, high-tech knives, where Japanese cutting performance and Japanese knife steel AUS-10 Japan (Aichi Steel Corporation) are combined with European design and the requirements of a modern customer. 





The shapes of the knives are created for the first time, patented and have no analogs in the world. 



The geometry of the REPTILE knives has been worked out taking into account all the experience that mankind has accumulated over the last 50,000 years. 

Perfectly balanced, thin, possessing an ‘aggressive’ cut, REPTILE knives can inhabit the kitchen both individually and in a set. By possessing a complete collection, you can finally solve the problem of choosing the knives and just enjoy cooking.



  • For this ‘predatory’ collection, we chose some of the best and the most solid Japanese steel - AUS-10 Japan (Aichi Steel Corporation), which keeps the knives sharp for many months.
  • The spine of the knife is rounded and does not rub fingers raw during prolonged operation.
  • Knife handle 'sticks' to the hand thanks to the distinctive ribs of the handle.
  • All REPTILE knives are manually grinded on a whetstone of up to 3000 grits.
  • The blade of the REPTILE knife has a characteristic hole that serves as a support for the thumb when doing a “cook grip”.
  • You will appreciate the 100% knife control and its lightness, especially if you are a professional chef.


All REPTILE collection is 7 knives for all kinds of work in the kitchen.