Samura BAMBOO Steak knife 5

Samura BAMBOO Steak knife 5

If you are about to buy the steak knife, we recommend that you throw eye on the stylish Samura BAMBOO collection. It is an impressive design, all-metal performance, a complete hygiene and suitability for washing in a dishwasher. Those small and highly ergonomic knives are designed for carving meat and preparing other dishes and are classified as individual flatware.


You should have them enough in your kitchen to serve the table meant for a certain number of guests. The original Samura BAMBOO steak knives will undoubtedly become its spectacular decoration.


Blade hardness 59 HRC
Blade length (mm) 110
Blade material AUS-8 (Japan)
Blade type Steak knife
Handle material Stainless steel
Number of layers 1
Overall length (mm) 219
Weight (g) 65

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