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Samura DAMASCUS 67 Santoku 7,0

This is the Japanese Chef’s knife in your kitchen which brings together the best ergonomics and exce..

Ex Tax: 72.00€

Samura DAMASCUS 67 Paring knife 3,9

This is a light multi-purpose knife for cutting and cleaning small vegetables and fruits, sausages, ..

Ex Tax: 44.00€

Samura DAMASCUS 67 Slicing knife 7,7

 It has a very thin, narrow and straight blade. The knife is perfect for slicing meat and f..

Ex Tax: 60.00€

Samura DAMASCUS 67 knife kitchen universal 6,0

 This is one of the most popular knives. It’s a multi-purpose knife for cutting smaller fru..

Ex Tax: 48.00€

Samura DAMASCUS 67 Kitchen knife European Chef 8,2

 This is a knife with a heavy handle, a thick, wide and long blade with a central tip. It i..

Ex Tax: 76.00€

Samura DAMASCUS 67 Сhef`s Starter Knife Set: Paring knife, Utility knife, Chef. 67 layers. Hardness 61 HRC

Сhef's starter Set of 3 kitchen knives: paring knife SD67-0010 utility knife SD67-0023 chef's k..

Ex Tax: 150.00€

Samura Damascus 67 knife series


Samura Damascus 67: Luxurious Collection of Damascus Kitchen Knives


The Samura Damascus 67 kitchen knives are a novelty of 2017. The Japanese minimalism is valued primarily for style, namely, the external style, which is instrumental in the new Damascus 67 kitchen knife series.


By purchasing patterned Damascus steel knives from this collection, you get convenient, sharp, and beautiful kitchen knives in a unique package with grinding paper at its bottom. This series reflects all the traditions of the ancient Damascus steel making complemented by the latest achievements of cutting edge technologies - a truly unique and epochal symbiosis!


A multi-layered blade with an unspeakably beautiful and catchy pattern has a hard core of high-quality VG-10 knife steel, which, among other things, includes cobalt, i.e. an alloying additive that is rarely found in knives. Thanks to this additive, the blades have a high hardness of 61 HRC, which allows them to preserve their factory sharpness for extended periods. However, this hardness by no means compromises the toughness of material: among other advantages, these knives are also very resistant to mechanical effects and stresses. Moreover, 66 layers of softer steel ensure additional core protection by giving the blade even stronger properties.


With its ergonomic oval handle perfectly balanced with the blade, this knife fits perfectly in the hand to ensure confident cut and complete control over the cutting process. In addition, Damascus kitchen knives are more lightweight than their counterparts made from other materials and can be manipulated for quite a while without getting tired and that much effort.


The Samura Damascus 67 knife package is no less unique, with its bottom featuring grinding paper with a grain size of 320 grit. From now on, you will be able to sharpen your slightly blunted knife directly by using its package, and there is no need to buy an extra honing rod or a whetstone. Just 5 minutes and voila! Your knife is sharp again and ready for use. You can use your grinding package up to 4 times. Given the high level of industrial and finish offhand grinding of Samura knives, this should be more than enough!


Let us summarize briefly the advantages of Samura Damascus 67:

  1. Damascus corrosion-resistant knife steel, 67 layers, double hardening, 61 HRC;
  2. Japanese knife shape, modern minimalism;
  3. Handle from stabilized wood;
  4. Finish offhand grinding using a grinding wheel with a grain size of 5000#;
  5. Straight even reliefs from the spine to the blade;
  6. Classical European symmetrical double bevel grind of knives;
  7. Package with grinding paper - your reliable and prompt sharpening assistant.


Cook with pleasure! And the Damascus kitchen knife from the brand new Samura Damascus 67 collection will surely become an indispensable and all-time favorite tool in the hands of a professional chef or housewife.