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Samura Damascus Chef`s Starter Kife set: Paring knife. Utility knife. Chef. 67 layers.

This Samura knife set is must-have for any kitchen owing to the best characteristics that Japanese c..

Ex Tax: 224.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Slicing knife 7,7

Original Japanese hammered Damascus steel VG-10 with 67 layers is the most distinctive feature of th..

Ex Tax: 130.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Utility knife 4,7

This Japanese utility knife allows you to realize even the bravest and most challenging cooking idea..

Ex Tax: 48.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Utility knife 6,0

This Japanese utility knife allows you to realize even the bravest and most challenging cooking idea..

Ex Tax: 53.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Steak knife 4,7

It’s a popular small steak knife. It is recommended that you have a few of these knives for setting ..

Ex Tax: 49.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Small Santoku knife 5,7

This smaller brother of an ordinary 6.7’’ size knife has an equally impressive performance and chara..

Ex Tax: 86.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Santoku hollow ground 6,7

This great Japanese tool can cope even with the most “demanding” or “difficult” food items owing to ..

Ex Tax: 112.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Paring knife 3.2' /80mm.

Regardless of the size of your current kitchen collection, this paring knife with unique Damascus st..

Ex Tax: 42.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Chef’s knife 8,0

This chef’s knife is probably the most popular tool in any kitchen owing to its multi-purpose qualit..

Ex Tax: 95.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Nakiri knife 6.6"

If you are planning to buy the nakiri - a classical Japanese knife for handling vegetables..

Ex Tax: 115.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Bread knife 7,4

Thousands of professional bread makers, bakers, chefs, fruit stand owners and home cooks love and tr..

Ex Tax: 101.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Boning knife 5,5

This boning knife is a wonderful addition to any kitchen collection regardless of the level of its p..

Ex Tax: 73.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Grand Chef’s knife 9,4

If a classic chef’s knife is considered to be the most popular and mostly used knife in the kitchen,..

Ex Tax: 126.00€

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