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Fruit knives from Ceramic


Samura Ceramic Knives


Ceramic knives are a special production line of the Samura brand. Perfect properties of materials and cutting-edge technologies for their processing made it possible to achieve the unique working qualities of such knives, making them a real revolutionary breakthrough in this field.


Knife ceramic is made of natural zirconium metal. Its extraordinary performance characteristics such as ductility and malleability, resistance to oxidation and high temperatures, absolute resistance to chemicals, antiseptic action, etc. have found their application in a variety of industries. Naturally, they appeared absolutely irreplaceable when dealing with products.


Zirconia powder is pressed and baked at very high pressures and temperatures to provide extraordinary strength, durability, and stunningly high hardness - more than 80 HRC (inferior to diamond and corundum only). That is why high-quality ceramic knives maintain impeccable sharpness for extended periods with no need for sharpening for years.


Well, their other amazing properties are ensured by zirconium inertness: they are not prone to corrosion, do not react with other substances and products, do not get dark over time and are very hygienic as they prevent bacterial growth.


Other noteworthy unique properties of Samura ceramic knives are the highest quality as a guarantee of durability, extremely light weight and unsurpassed ergonomics of geometry enabling them to be successfully used both at home and in professional kitchen.