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Samura 67 Utility knife 6,0

All 15 cm of the kitchen knife (multiple purpose Samura 67 series) will be constantly much-in-demand..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura 67 Chef’s knife 8,2

The European Chef is one of the most indispensable chef's kitchen knives and a right hand in every k..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura 67 Slicing knife 7,7

Our Samura online store offers the slicing knife - an ideal slicer of the high-quality and practical..

Ex Tax: 24.00€

Samura 67 Santoku 7,0

The traditional Japanese Santoku from Samura is one of the varieties of the most versatile knives su..

Ex Tax: 34.00€

Samura 67 Bread knife 8,5

If you decide to buy the bread knife, pay attention to the convenient and size-conscious version of ..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura 67 Paring knife 3,9

To buy the knife for vegetables and fruits of Samura 67 series, just place an order in our special S..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura 67 Kitchen Knives: Reliability and Quality at Affordable Prices


Samura 67 knives series


A series of Samura 67 kitchen knives was created on the basis of the more expensive and very popular Damascus 67 collection: all knife types from both lines have completely identical silhouettes. In this case, however, the blades are made of single-layer steel rather than the damask one to significantly reduce their cost, thus making the much-in-demand and popular knives readily affordable for a wider range of cookery specialists.


Samura 67 line uses a specialized AUS-8 knife-blade steel with 58 HRC points, which is a perfect compromise between harder alloys with increased brittleness and softer alloys with poor blade hold. The steel can make boast of sound resistance to corrosion, shock effects and lateral loads due to the high content of various alloying elements (including vanadium and molybdenum). Splendid performance is all about steel for Samura 67 kitchen knives. The same steel is used in the manufacture of not only kitchen knives, but also hunting and bivouac ones, which are known to honorably withstand the heaviest use. Incidentally, this is a serious measure of steel quality.


Samura 67 Santoku knife


A superior bilaterally symmetrical offhand blade provides the top-notch sharpness of each knife. You can slice so slim that you will be amazed at your new opportunities! Samura 67 knife handles are made of environmentally friendly and hygienic ABS plastic. This pleasant-to-the-touch knife provides mechanical and chemical resistance in almost all cases and ensures a firm grip in your hand by giving you an absolute control over the handling process.


It is not only the handle material that is to the benefit of Samura 67, but also its delicate shape. A semicircular shape free of any notches is pleasant to the touch and easy-to-handle regardless of the duration of the work.


The handle and blade are perfectly balanced, with their total weight being much lower than that of equivalent knives from other materials. The light weight of each knife stems, in particular, from a missing bolster, which is often not required for at-home use. Handling a Samura 67 Series kitchen knife is a pure delight and no fatigue.


Last but not least, the manufacturer's know-how: each knife is packed in a box, with its bottom serving as a grinding surface with a grain size of 320 grit. With its help, you can quickly sharpen the knife in just 3 to 5 goes allowing you to keep the unsurpassed factory sharpness for extended periods.


An elegant collection of Samura 67 kitchen knives is a viable option of highly reliable and first-rate knives for the amateur cookery specialist.