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Samura SHADOW Utility knife with Black Anti-slip coating 6,0

Both an amateur gastrologist and a professional cook may feel the need of buying the universal Japan..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura SHADOW Utility knife with Black Anti-slip coating 4,7

Japanese kitchen knives in the stylish Samura SHADOW collection! This small universal knife is a mul..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura SHADOW Paring knife with Black anti-slip coating 4,0

You can buy a knife made of Japanese steel specifically designed for vegetables and fruits. Thi..

Ex Tax: 18.00€

Samura SHADOW Chef’s knife with Black Anti-slip coating 8,2

The big kitchen knife - the European Chef - is an indispensable and a key element of the irreplaceab..

Ex Tax: 34.00€

Samura SHADOW Santoku with Black Anti-slip coating 7

Santoku kitchen knife is the Japanese version of the chef knife with a traditionally wide and massiv..

Ex Tax: 30.00€

Samura SHADOW Nakiri kitchen knife with Black Anti-slip coating 6,7

The 170 mm Samura SHADOW Nakiri knife is a classical Japanese knife for handling vegetables and herb..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura SHADOW Slicing knife with Black Anti-slip coating 7,7

This knife has a very thin, narrow and straight blade. It is perfect for slicing meat and fish fille..

Ex Tax: 24.00€

Samura SHADOW 2-Piece Knife Set with Black Anti-slip coating. Utility knife, Chef

The set of good kitchen knives from Samura SHADOW series made of specialized Japanese AUS-8 knife st..

Ex Tax: 42.00€

Utility knife with black blade Samura


Samura SHADOW Collection for Those Willing to Buy Japanese Knives


Those who have not yet decided to buy Japanese knives are invited to pay attention to the amazing Samura SHADOW collection of the next generation. Its uniqueness lies primarily in the unusual color solution of the blade: coal black instead of the usual silver. These knives will undoubtedly be appreciated not only by practical housewives, but also by men known to be excellent chefs.


Knives are made of special single-layer AUS 8 knife steel known for its high performance characteristics. Alloying with molybdenum and vanadium contributed significantly to its strength, corrosion and wear resistance. The steel hardness of 59 HRC has good cutting performance and retains sharpness for quite a while, which is another argument for your decision to buy Japanese Samura knives.


Additional Black Anti-slip coating has not only decorative, but also protective function to perform. It prevents direct contact between products and metal: the blade does not wear off and products acquire no metallic taste. In addition, this finish prevents products from sticking to the blade.


The blade is securely connected to the handle and penetrates the handle throughout its length. The handle is made of a high-quality polymer — ABS plastic. It is non-toxic, resistant to chemicals, very strong and durable.


The SHADOW series includes various knife types, which can either make up an individual set or be purchased as a ready-made set — a universal "cook's threesome". SHADOW is the most practical choice for professional or home use. Please visit our online store, where you can choose and buy Japanese knives from this range.