Utility knives

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Samura ALFA Utility Knife 6.7"

The real HIT of the ALFA collection is a multi-functional (utility) knife. The designer shark fin ha..

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Samura SHADOW Utility knife with Black Anti-slip coating 4,7

Japanese kitchen knives in the stylish Samura SHADOW collection! This small universal knife is a mul..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura CERAMOTITAN Utility knife Matt finish 5,0

The titanium coated ceramic utility knife is a reliable and viable option for both a professional ch..

Ex Tax: 22.00€
Utility knives

Utility Knife: the Tool for All Occasions


The utility knife has its name for a reason. Unlike highly-specialized knives (for example, bread, fillet or paring knife), its capacity range is not limited to handling some specific product or performing some specific work. It can perform a lot of operations, replacing almost any other type.


Utility knife Samura Shadow


For a professional chef or home gourmet, who has their own knife for every occasion, the utility knife may be of little significance. Nevertheless, it will certainly come in useful in the average kitchen. That is why it is always included in the "cook's threesome" knife set, and indeed this kitchen trio features only the most demanded knives for cooking, the very minimum that will enable you to easily handle almost any product.


It is characterized by a narrow (typically, up to 3 cm) blade of medium length (12 to 15 cm) with a pronounced point. The utility knife takes over the work for which the chef's knife is excessively large, and the size of the paring knife is clearly not enough.


In general, its function can be described as "one for all and all for one." If you have no slicer in your kitchen, the utility knife will easily cut cheese, sausage, delicacies and other dainties or salted fish. If you miss a bread knife, the utility knife will cope with a loaf or French bread. The paring knife turned out too small for peeling and slicing zucchini or any other vegetable from the summer harvest? The most popular kitchen knife will certainly come to the aid. This knife is able to fully meet the basic needs of its holder, whether to chop the greens, cut the onion rings or meat into portions, handle the finished chicken or spread bread with butter. Of course, for each operation it is best to use a specifically designed knife, but if you want to get away with a minimum, the utility knife is just what you need.


Our company range offers both useful and indispensable utility knives, which can be found in every series produced (sometimes even in two versions — with a blade length of 12or 15 cm).



Samura Ceramotitan Utility Knife



The Samura utility knife from a unique composite material - ceramic titanium - is duly appreciated by both professional chefs and amateurs. It is made of zirconium ceramics used in the manufacture of ceramic tools, but its blade is covered with a thin layer of titanium nitride. This means that its blade is free of the main disadvantage of ceramics - fragility, proneness to cracking and chipping.


This material is ecologically-safe, chemically neutral, insusceptible to corrosion, very durable, and resistant to mechanical stresses. Like ceramics, ceramic titanium has a high hardness (89 HRC). Therefore, the Samura Ceramotitan utility knife will preserve its impeccable sharpness for many years without requiring either grinding or sharpening.


Utility Knives with Special Coating


Hammered steel knives Samura Kaiju


Sometimes, utility knives are covered or processed with special compounds to improve their properties. In this section, 2 similar Samura knife lines deserve special mention.

It has an absolutely black blade with Black Fuso Teflon coating. It protects the blade from scratches and corrosion spots, as well as prevents food from adhering to the blade during cutting.

The Hammered Steel blade is both spectacular and practical. The oxidized layer also precludes the development of corrosion, with uneven side surfaces (styled on hand forging) creating small air pockets, which also prevents food from sticking to the utility knife during cutting.


Damascus Steel Utility Knives


The Damascus steel utility knives are not only a very sharp, durable and reliable tool. Last but not least, it is a symbol of prestige and an insanely stylish and aesthetic adornment for any kitchen.


Damascus steel knives


Three Samura collections are made in compliance with Japanese traditions and the oldest secrets of Damascus steel making:

A 33-layer blade with a unique pattern styled on blacksmith's handmade. The blade is soldered to a metallic bolster and a natural handle made of mahogany wood.

A 67-layer blade and a handle of high quality plastic. The bolster makes this utility knife suitable for use in the professional kitchen.

The collection is similar to the one mentioned above, but without the bolster and with a riveted fastening of the blade. The steel used to manufacture all these tools has a high hardness of 61 HRC, which means that each Damascus steel utility knife will maintain its sharpness for a very long time.


Single-Layer Steel Samura Utility Knives


The utility knives made of single-layer steel are an ideal combination of price and quality. Durable and reliable, with the optimum blade hardness and ergonomic handles, these knives will be an excellent choice for any kitchen.

  • Harakiri. Simplicity and elegance, plastic handles in 3 color options, blade length in 2 options - 12 and 15 cm.
  • Samura 67. Equivalent to expensive Damascus 67 series, although not of Damascus steel. For each knife, the packing box with grinding paper comes as a bonus.
  • Bamboo. A unit cast all-metal knife with a handle resembling a bamboo stem.
  • MO-V is an imitation of the Damascus series, but of common steel. It is distinguished by the bolster and the metallic cap on the handle.

Among other advantages, the last two series will also be ideal for use in the HoReCa environment since they fully meet the requirements for the professional kitchen tool. These sound and high-quality Samura utility knives are very hygienic, durable, maintenance friendly and require no frequent sharpening. This is just perfect for extensive cooking efforts.