Bread knives

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Samura MO-V Bread knife 7,4

The Bread knife's serrated blade is best adapted precisely for dealing with foods having a soft or j..

Ex Tax: 50.00€

Samura 67 Bread knife 8,5

If you decide to buy the bread knife, pay attention to the convenient and size-conscious version of ..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura BAMBOO Bread knife 8,0

The wavy cutting edge of the Samura Bamboo Bread knife is ideal for products with a fairly hard crus..

Ex Tax: 28.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Two-sided saw knife for bread and frozen food 7,1

The 180 mm Samura Harakiri saw knife for frozen food and bread. This is a two-sided knife with serr..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Bread knife 7,4

Thousands of professional bread makers, bakers, chefs, fruit stand owners and home cooks love and tr..

Ex Tax: 101.00€

Samura REPTILE Bread knife 9.3"

Bread knife - saw SAMURA Reptile with a blade length of 235 mm will cope with various products: with..

Ex Tax: 100.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Two-sided saw knife for bread and frozen food 7,1

The 180 mm Samura Harakiri saw knife for frozen food and bread. This is a two-sided kni..

Ex Tax: 20.00€
Bread knives

Choosing the Right Bread Knife


Not everyone finds the bread knife an integral part of their home collection. For absolutely no purpose, indeed! Bread is a significant component of any meal, whether it is breakfast, dinner or supper. The amazing and inexpressible smell of freshly baked bread heats the imagination, tempts the appetite, and creates a special atmosphere at home. When it comes to taste, it is certainly second to none, even to the most delicious product.


Knife for bread slicing Samura


However, a fresh loaf with a ruddy crispy crust with a flesh so lush and weightless like fluff still needs to be properly cut. How will it look like if you use a small, blunt or other unsuitable knife? The result can hardly be served up!


It is specifically for these purposes that the dedicated bread knife was developed at the beginning of the last century. Only this knife can cut the loaf like butter into smooth and neat pieces without torn edges and crumbs.


Bread Knife: Key Features


The bread knife is distinguished by a blade with a medium width and an outstanding length - it must cut easily even oversized pastry. It is typically within 25-30 cm, although there are specimens with less size. It is recognized that the longer the blade, the cleaner the cut.


Another feature is the serrated cutting edge with a smooth undulated shape. The teeth are not very pronounced, and the distance between them is fairly large. This blade configuration enables to effectively "gnaw" through a hard crust, without crushing or crumbling the tender core.


Incidentally, it is this feature that allows the knife to perfectly handle not only buns, but also other products having a fairly hard crust and a delicate core: pineapples, citrus fruits, tomatoes, watermelons, melons, etc. The blade point is either rounded or cut, since, given the narrow specialization, the bread knife does not need it.


Samura Bread Knife


Our store's range features several specimens of magnificent bread knives. They can be found in the following collections:



These versions have all features of professional knives and can be used even in the HoReCa environment, as well as will fit perfectly into the set of tools in the home kitchen.



No less effective and quality knife. The absence of a bolster makes it unsuitable for a café or restaurant, but quite suitable for your home kitchen.



This series is represented by two bread knives with handles of different color — black and white. They have another zest: they are two-sided saw knifes with teeth of different shape and distance between them.


The shape of some of them is perfectly suited for slicing bread or fruit. The other side is designed for dealing with frozen foods. It is commonly known that the manufacturers of most good knives do not recommend using bread knives for cutting bones or frosts as this can disable the tool. However, some foods are easier to cut half defrosted such as animal liver or lungs, etc. This is exactly where our saw knife will come in handy. It will cope equally easily with both tendons and cartilages.


The Samura Harakiri bread knife will never be lying idle.