Steak knives

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Samura MO-V Steak knife 5,0

With a raised point providing the maximum length of the cutting edge and a narrow thin blade, the St..

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Samura BAMBOO Steak knife 5

If you are about to buy the steak knife, we recommend that you throw eye on the stylish Samura BAMBO..

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Samura DAMASCUS Steak knife 4,7

It’s a popular small steak knife. It is recommended that you have a few of these knives for setting ..

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Steak knives

The Right Steak Knives from Samura


The steak knife is an individual cutlery, which is served to meat cut from a specific part of the animal carcass. It is practical and convenient, separates perfectly the neat pieces from the main part and will never let you squeeze out any juice from it. At home you must have enough of such devices for each of the guests or family members.


The blade length of the steak knife is small and approximately equal to the size of the steak itself (approx. 10-12 cm). Its profile is an absolutely flat spine and a cutting edge ascending to the point to ensure its maximum outstretch. 


The steak knife blade can be smooth, serrated or combined. A smooth blade is intended for soft roasted meat. The blade can be fairly hard, because raw steak pieces are typically served on a wooden board that cannot damage the knife.


Steak knife by Samura


The blade with teeth (serrated) is used for cutting heavily roasted meat. The teeth can handle delicately even porcelain ware and leave no scratches on it. The combined blade can be considered universal as it is perfectly suited for dealing with medium roasted meat. Its smooth part can be used to cut a raw steak piece, with a serrated one used to effectively separate fibers of a well-roasted steak.


Samura Steak Knife for Soft Roasted Meat


Our online store catalog offers beautiful steak knives for soft roasted meat. They can be found in Bamboo and Damascus collections. The Bamboo collection differs in that both the handle and the knife blade are made of high-quality steel as Bamboo knives simply have no parts from other material. The handle repeats the shape of the bamboo stem and affords a reliable grip, as well as neither slips nor rotates in your hand. At the junction with the blade, there is a slight boss that serves as a guard to make the knife use utterly safe and prevent your hand from slipping onto the blade.


The Damascus collection is attributed to the Damascus steel series, with 67 steel layers creating an absolutely amazing pattern on the blade. The handle is soldered to the bolster and has its butt covered with a metallic cap. Both series will be perfectly suited for serving a home table or using in cafés and restaurants as they fully meet all sanitary requirements for such a tool.


Smooth cutting edges of the knives will be ideal for cutting steaks:

  • Blue rare - soft roasted meat.
  • Rare - raw steak.
  • Medium rare - medium roasted piece with a slightly pink core.

The high hardness of the steak knife blades enables them to cope well with the cutting of meat and maintain their razor sharpness for a long time.


Samura Utility Steak Knife


The MO-V collection steak knife will be ideal for both raw steak lovers and gourmets who prefer heavily roasted pieces. It has a perfectly smooth cutting edge from the handle to the lower half of the blade (it is suitable for the same degree of roasting as the knives from the previous two series), with the upper half of the blade featuring a serrated cutting edge. Small and sharp teeth will effectively "saw through" even the hardest steak fibers.


  • Medium — medium roast with a slightly pink core. It is this type of cooking that many people consider optimal.
  • Medium well — almost ready meat with a gray-pink core.
  • Well done — fully ready, well-roasted steak.

Like all previous collections (Bamboo and Damascus), MO-V can be used both in the home kitchen and in the HoReCa environment. Each and every MO-V knife is equipped with a metallic bolster to both protect your hand from slipping onto the blade and prevent any contact with hot food.


The Samura steak knives allow you to make it delicious and beautiful at the same time!