Traditional Japanese knives

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Samura KAIJU Nakiri knife 6.6

If you are planning to buy the nakiri - a classical Japanese knife for handling vegetables and herbs..

Ex Tax: 66.00€

Samura KAIJU Santoku knife 7

The big santoku is a traditional Japanese knife with a classic blade geometry: a wide and massive sh..

Ex Tax: 64.00€

Samura 67 Santoku 7,0

The traditional Japanese Santoku from Samura is one of the varieties of the most versatile knives su..

Ex Tax: 34.00€

Samura DAMASCUS 67 Santoku 7,0

This is the Japanese Chef’s knife in your kitchen which brings together the best ergonomics and exce..

Ex Tax: 72.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Nakiri kitchen knife 6,7

The 170 mm Samura Harakiri Nakiri knife  is a classical Japanese knife for handling v..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Nakiri kitchen knife 6,7

The 170 mm Samura Harakiri Nakiri knife  is a classical Japanese knife for handl..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura BAMBOO Small Santoku, hollow ground 5,5

The Samura Bamboo Santoku (small) has the same numerous functional capabilities as the ordinary..

Ex Tax: 24.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Santoku knife 7,0

The 175 mm Samura Harakiri santoku knife Santoku is a Japanese chef’s knife with  down-pointed..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Santoku knife 7,0

Santoku is a Japanese chef’s knife with  down-pointed blade tip. The word 'Santoku' can be tran..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Santoku knife 7,0

The 175 mm Samura Harakiri santoku knife Santoku is a Japanese chef’s knife with  down-pointed..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Small Santoku knife 5,7

This smaller brother of an ordinary 6.7’’ size knife has an equally impressive performance and chara..

Ex Tax: 86.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Santoku hollow ground 6,7

This great Japanese tool can cope even with the most “demanding” or “difficult” food items owing to ..

Ex Tax: 112.00€

Samura SHADOW Santoku with Black Anti-slip coating 7

Santoku kitchen knife is the Japanese version of the chef knife with a traditionally wide and massiv..

Ex Tax: 30.00€

Samura SHADOW Nakiri kitchen knife with Black Anti-slip coating 6,7

The 170 mm Samura SHADOW Nakiri knife is a classical Japanese knife for handling vegetables and herb..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Nakiri kitchen knife 6,7

The 170 mm Samura Harakiri Nakiri knife  is a classical Japanese knife for handl..

Ex Tax: 26.00€

Samura MO-V Santoku hollow ground 7.0``/180mm

This Samura Santoku knife has a traditional Japanese geometry, with its spine descended to the point..

Ex Tax: 52.00€
Traditional Japanese knives

Traditional Japanese knives


Since ancient times, traditional Japanese knives have been in great demand in the markets all over the world. And today their legendary quality and unique performance characteristics serve as a reference for all other manufacturers. Perfections have been made over centuries and together with modern technology have resulted in samples of an absolutely perfect instrument — an ideal kitchen knife.


Moreover, not only typical European models are particularly popular in many countries, but also national Japanese ones. It is not surprising, because not only the taste of the dish has always been important for this Asian people, but also the aesthetics of serving it. The art of filigree cutting is a whole science, which can be comprehended for years, and it is the knife that the quality of products processing depends on.


Traditional Japanese knives are perfectly adapted for such a precise, literally surgical cut: they are durable and reliable, fit comfortably in the hand, have a small sharpening angle, which provides a shaving sharpness for a very long time due to the use of quality high-hardness steel.


All these nuances that are imperceptible for an inexperienced user distinguish the instrument made in the Land of the Rising Sun from the European one. And most clearly these differences can be seen in traditional Japanese knives — ideal and irreplaceable kitchen helpers.


Traditional Japanese knives Samura


The most popular models of traditional Japanese knives


Of course, such profound nation prone to philosophy has several varieties of traditional Japanese knives even for the same types of products or activities. Some of them are sharpened only from one side, and European buyers are confused of that. It is clear why — one needs to get used to work with these knives. But the Japanese are perfect marketing specialists, they produce traditional the double sided sharpened knives for export in order to please mass buyer.


Not all models of the large family of Japanese kitchen knives took hold in the western market, but some models won top marks and forever conquered the hearts of experienced European chefs, both professional and non-professional. Among the most popular knives there is a small list of the “most of the most”, the top three most popular knives.




Multifunctional kitchen knife with a wide massive blade, a thick spine and a forward-shifted center of gravity. Nominally it may be called an analogue of the chef-knife, as it is intended for the same purposes — cutting, shredding and chopping of a wide range of products, from greens and vegetables to gastronomy and meat.




Another very popular model of traditional Japanese knives. Vegetables are an important part of the Japanese diet, and the nakiri is perfect for their processing. The blade of a rectangular shape, despite its large area, is characterized by a minimum thickness and a sharpening angle of only a few degrees. A first-class tool for fine and accurate cutting, shredding and chopping of plant products.




The knife, originally designed to work with raw fish, is now perfectly used to work with other types of products that require filigree cutting or simply impressive sizes of the blade part. Its thin and very long blade with the sharpest cutting edge is irreplaceable for fans of sushi, and still perfectly copes with duties of a fillet knife and a slicer.


Santoku, nakiri and yanagiba are not only beauty and East exotics, although these are their essentials; first of all, traditional Japanese knives are practicability, ergonomics and the maximum speed of performance of the designed functions.


Traditional Japanese knives of Samura collections


Our company considers it our duty to promote traditional Japanese knives in the European market. That is why one or another models are mandatorily represented in each of our collections, some of which perfectly suit for work in the HoReCa sphere, while others are just perfect for daily home use.


For professional kitchen


Santoku multifunctional knives made of single-layer steel are perfect for cafes and restaurants. They are very hygienic and meet all the sanitary requirements for a professional tool. This includes the series MO-V and Bamboo.

Models differ slightly in the shape of the blade and its length, plus are equipped with special grooves that prevent the sticking of products on them during operation.


Traditional Japanese knives from single-layer steel


Several collections, also made of single-layer steel — Kaiju, Samura 67, Harakiri, Shadow are perfect for home cooking.

They are represented by two types of Japanese knives — santoku and nakiri. Each of the series has its own features and advantages, making the use of this tool convenient and effective.


Collections from Damascus steel


Knives from Damascus steel do not need to be represented — everyone knows their performances, durability and unique beauty of each model. There are three such series: Damascus 67, Damascus, Sakai. They include yanagiba and santoku knives.


Each knife from these collections is a worthy representative of Japanese national models. Their sharpness and functionality will make cooking to be simple and enjoyable. Traditional Japanese knives help to completely preserve the true taste of the product, as well as to serve it truly aesthetically and simply beautiful.