Samura ALFA Nakiri Knife 6.6"

SOON IN STOCK Samura ALFA Nakiri Knife 6.6"

This one-piece Japanese Nakiri knife from the ALFA collection is great for shredding and cutting vegetables. It has a blade made of modern AUS10 steel and an ergonomic handle. The thickness of the knife is only 2.5 mm. Its wide blade allows you to work continuously with the knife, creating masterpieces from finely chopped vegetables and greens. The Japanese Nakiri knife has a special shredding technique, and once you master it, you will feel a new wave of love of cooking. 

Blade hardness60 HRC
Blade length (mm)168
Blade materialAUS-10 Japan (Aichi Steel Corporation)
Blade typeNakiri Knife
Handle materialStainless Steel
Number of layers1
Overall length (mm)320
Weight (g)167

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