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Samura Sharpening Whetstone #5000

The 5000 grit whetstone is intended for fine finish sharpening and grinding of the blade at hom..

Ex Tax: 34.00€

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #8000

The 8000 grit whetstone is a single-layer water cooled grindstone with the smallest size of abrasive..

Ex Tax: 36.00€

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #400

The single-layer 400 grit grinder is the one with extremely coarse grain size.  It..

Ex Tax: 24.00€

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #2000

The single-layer 2000 grit whetstone from Samura is designed for removal of traces of rough ope..

Ex Tax: 28.00€

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #2000/#5000

The whetstone for knives with a double-color combined grindstone for 2000 and 5000 grit is a multi-p..

Ex Tax: 48.00€

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #1000

Whetstones are a traditional Japanese accessory for knife care. The whetstone with a gr..

Ex Tax: 24.00€

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #3000/#8000

The combined Samura grinder 3000#/8000# consists of two grindstones with different grain sizes.&..

Ex Tax: 54.00€

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #240/#800

The Japanese whetstone is a unique accessory for sharpening and grinding kitchen knives of any ..

Ex Tax: 36.00€

Samura Whetstone #1000/#3000

The whetstone with grain sizes of 1000 and 3000 grit is the most versatile one. It is exactly the gr..

Ex Tax: 48.00€

Samura Diamond combination sharpening stone #360/#600

The Diamond grinder is incredibly hard and thus ideal for sharpening both ceramic and ceramic titani..

Ex Tax: 48.00€

Electric sharpener for ceramic and steel knives

Electric sharpener for kitchen knives with replacement diamond wheels is a unique device for sharpen..

Ex Tax: 50.00€

What kind of knife sharpeners to buy?


Any owner of quality kitchen tools knows — it is critical to buy a knife sharpener. Whatever the advertisement promised, there are no self-sharpening knives and blades that never become dull are nonexistent in nature. There are good and correct knives with the optimum steel hardness which cutting edge remain sharp for a very long time. But even these knives sooner or later will need to be sharpened and dressed: removing of burrs, micro fractures and other defects that appear during knife usage, restoring the desired angle of sharpening.


Professionals do this work on a special machine with grinding wheels — quickly and efficiently. But today one may find a lot of tools for knife sharpening at home in stores: common stones or sandpaper, special sharpening stones, manual or electric knife sharpeners, and honing rods. So, it's easy to buy tools for knife sharpening today, the main thing is to choose a really good and easy-to-use option.


Buy knife sharpeners in Samura online store

You can buy knife sharpeners in our on-line store, which will be perfect for the high-quality Japanese knives.


Japanese whetstones


These are abrasives of an artificial origin; any additional materials are not needed to work with whetstones — only water. Stones differ in grain — each of them is marked. The higher is the grain the more delicate is the processing. Most of them are two-sided, each side has different grain. A set of two or three such stones is enough to perform any operation on sharpening — from the alignment of the blade and grinding of large damages to the finishing and polishing.

Sharpening with water stones is a meditative and interesting process, but it’s definitely not fast. However, for those who do not want to spend a lot of time for knife sharpening, there are other tools.


Electric sharpener


This is a wonderful tool — fast and efficient. The main thing is that it may be used for sharpening of any kind of knives, both steel and ceramic. That is rare for sharpeners. Special holes (2 for steel, 2 for ceramic knives) for each side of the blade provides easily the desired angle of sharpening. Diamond and ceramic wheels provides permanently the high quality of sharpening.


Honing rod


This tool is a long metal or ceramic rod, equipped with a handle. It is not intended for sharpening, but for dressing — maintaining of sharpness for a long period between the sharpening procedures.


The most efficient and universal in this sense is a ceramic honing rod: it copes well with both steel and ceramic blades. However, remind that such material may grind off the too soft steel. But for our Japanese knives with steel hardness of more than 58-59 HRC honing rod is just a perfect option.


As you can see, there are many options. But what kind of tools for knives sharpening to buy, one should decide oneself.