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Samura Sharpening Whetstone #5000

The 5000 grit whetstone is intended for fine finish sharpening and grinding of the blade at hom..

Ex Tax: €34.00

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #8000

The 8000 grit whetstone is a single-layer water cooled grindstone with the smallest size of abrasive..

Ex Tax: €36.00

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #400

The single-layer 400 grit grinder is the one with extremely coarse grain size.  It..

Ex Tax: €24.00

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #2000

The single-layer 2000 grit whetstone from Samura is designed for removal of traces of rough ope..

Ex Tax: €28.00

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #2000/#5000

The whetstone for knives with a double-color combined grindstone for 2000 and 5000 grit is a multi-p..

Ex Tax: €48.00

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #1000

Whetstones are a traditional Japanese accessory for knife care. The whetstone with a gr..

Ex Tax: €24.00

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #3000/#8000

The combined Samura grinder 3000#/8000# consists of two grindstones with different grain sizes.&..

Ex Tax: €54.00

Samura Sharpening Whetstone #240/#800

The Japanese whetstone is a unique accessory for sharpening and grinding kitchen knives of any ..

Ex Tax: €36.00

Samura Whetstone #1000/#3000

The whetstone with grain sizes of 1000 and 3000 grit is the most versatile one. It is exactly the gr..

Ex Tax: €48.00

Samura Diamond combination sharpening stone #360/#600

The Diamond grinder is incredibly hard and thus ideal for sharpening both ceramic and ceramic titani..

Ex Tax: €48.00

Sharpening stones for knives are the simplest and available tools to maintain the sharpness of the instrument. Everyone knows that any knife, even of the highest quality, starts to lose its sharpness after a while. Microdefects appear on the blade — burrs, cracks, chips. If they are not periodically removed, the knife may even be out of service.


The market offers a huge variety of tools for sharpening from whetstones to electric grinders. But these are the knife stones that got the most popularity and outspread. Rightly so: everyone may purchase and learn how to use them at home, and there is no need to apply to professionals every time. These stones may be made of natural or artificial material and differ in grain. If one selects “tools” correctly as per these characteristics, then 2-3 stones will be enough to perform almost any work on sharpening the knife — from rough processing, removing metal and removing large defects, to finish grinding and polishing.


Japanese whetstones for knives are all the rage among the experts, they are not just devices, but a whole science and philosophy that allows to keep the kitchen tool in perfect order.



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Our company offers its customers true water sharpening stones for knives. Their excellent qualities do not need special introductions:


1. Artificial material guarantees the maximum uniformity of grains;

2. No additional materials are needed to work with them, such as oils or soft felt, only water is needed;

3. They can be used even for very hard steels, when most ordinary stones cannot cope with them;

4. Japanese stones do not overheat and damage the blade during sharpening.


In this section of our store you can find almost everything that you may need for sharpening.




We offer a wide range of stones with different grains (from 240 to 8,000 grit) for almost any sharpening operation. Each model is equipped with the appropriate marking, and it’s just impossible to mix them up ─ the larger is the number, the most precise is the work the stone does.

There are both one-sided stones with a certain size of grains, and double-sided ones, each side of which has its own grain.


Diamond sharpening stones


Diamond is one of the hardest elements on the planet, and it is able to cope not only with any steel knife, regardless its HRC characteristics, but even with ceramic ones, that is rare for sharpening stones. Like water stones, these stones are two-sided, and each side has its own size of abrasive fines.


Angle grip holder


It is a very useful device that allows you to easily maintain the factory sharpening angle — a characteristic that is crucial for knife service life. It is put on top of the spine, which provides a constant and correct angle of inclination to the stone. It’s just impossible to damage the blade while using this device.


All these accessories and knife sharpening stones will help to keep your home or professional toolkit in an ideal, always ready to work condition.