Carving forks

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Samura HARAKIRI Carving fork 8.2

The Samura Harakiri Carving fork is designed for a variety of activities with pork or veal dishes. I..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura Harakiri Carving fork 8.2

The Samura Harakiri Carving fork is designed for a variety of activities with pork or veal dishes. I..

Ex Tax: 23.00€

Samura MO-V Carving fork 6,5

The Samura MO-V series Carving fork is designed for a variety of activities with pork or veal dishes..

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Carving forks

Carving Forks. Ins and Outs of the Culture of Serving Ready Meals


The carving fork with two thin long prongs has nothing to do with individual cutlery with a similar name. This is a special tool for hygienic processing of cooked food and its laying out on serving plates. Therefore, it is also called a serving or meat fork.


Multiple housewives have already appreciated the convenience and usability of such forks both at festive table or family dinner and in the process of cooking. Indeed, what can be more convenient? This chef's tool will easily get even a large piece of cooked meat out of a large pot or other utensils, help hold a roasted bird's carcass, as well as safely cut all of the above with no risk of getting a heat burn.


With its thin and very sharp prongs of high-quality steel, the fork easily penetrates the product very deeply to hold it securely, thus completely precluding slipping of the piece from the cutting board. A convenient and ergonomic long handle enables to freely manipulate the tool, adding extra comfort and ease of use. Typically, the handle starts at some distance from the prong base, thus ensuring the safety of handling hot products: the probability of broth drops or spattering drops of hot fat hitting your hands shrinks to zero. In addition, there is no way the skewered meat will slide out of the prongs to hit your hands when relaying on other utensils.


Generally, there are quite a large number of serving forks, with each having its own specialization and appearance, for example, for bread, lemon, fish, snacks, etc. However, there is no use of bells and whistles in the modern kitchen. Therefore, the one and only serving meat fork is quite enough for home use.


Carving forks for meat

Samura Carving Forks


Two carving fork series can be found in the existing Samura kitchen knife collections: Harakiri and MO-V.

This is quite a consumer grade, although high-quality and reliable option, which is perfectly suited for family feasts and intensive daily use. It has its metallic part made of specialized Japanese AUS-8 knife steel with a hardness of 58 HRC, with its handle made of ecologically-safe ABS plastic in two colors - black and white.

Although made of the same steel grade as the one mentioned above, the carving fork of the series is distinguished by some characteristic features.


Firstly, the handle material. In this case, a high-quality G-10 composite consisting of fiberglass and binding polymers is used. It is ecologically-safe, flameproof, resistant to odors and moisture, and chemically neutral.


Secondly, the carving fork has its metallic part soldered to the bolster to ensure complete hygiene and operational safety of this tool. That is why the serving fork can be recommended for use both at home and in the HoReCa environment.


The carving fork for meat and other products will be an excellent supplement to the existing set of kitchen tools at home and simply an indispensable helper in the cooking process.