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Samura MO-V Cleaver 7,0

This is a professional Chef’s cleaver. It has an optimum weight for working with solid food. The sha..

Ex Tax: 46.00€

Samura BAMBOO Cleaver 7,0

The meat cleaver Samura Bamboo is a professional knife with a massive and very wide blade desig..

Ex Tax: 42.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Cleaver 7,1

Professional chef’s cleaver has an optimum weight for working with solid food. The..

Ex Tax: 23.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Cleaver 7,1

Professional Chef’s cleaver has an optimum weight for working with solid food. The..

Ex Tax: 23.00€

Samura REPTILE Cleaver 6.2"

A snug, compact (the blade is only 158 mm) and a pleasant hatchet is very aggressive. The silhouette..

Ex Tax: 120.00€

Kitchen Cleaver: Indispensable Tool for Cutting Meat at Home


A kitchen cleaver is one of the steak knife types. In addition to the boning and fillet knives, it must be present in the kitchen of meat and fish lovers.


Kitchen cleaver Samura

The use of the cleaver is the first stage of dealing with meat: it will help handle a carcass of a bird, fish or rabbit, cut through a large piece of lamb, veal or pork into smaller ones, as well as cope quite well with a frozen or half defrosted piece. Further, the boning knife comes in to separate meat from bones, followed by the fillet knife designed for slicing flesh into the necessary portions.


The kitchen cleaver is distinguished by a very wide and massive blade, something like a Japanese knife nakiri. But if the latter is intended solely for fine work with vegetables, the former will cope well even with heavy forceful actions. To be fair, we should say that the kitchen cleaver will not make it through very thick bones. For this purpose, special butcher's tools should be used. But do you often have to cut full body carcasses at home?


Indeed, all other work is within its scope of abilities, even the one for which ordinary kitchen knives are not recommended, including the cutting of small bones (for example, when preparing a stuffed chicken), severing of a head of large fish or cutting of fish into steaks, as well as cutting of frozen meat. With the kitchen cleaver in your hand, you can easily cut a large piece of flesh into smaller pieces. A thick blade, a massive butt and a beveled angle of 40° allow to perform all these actions with no risk of causing any damage or irreparable damage to the blade.


The cleaver's not too long blade (typically, within 20 cm) is distinguished by a considerable width - sometimes even up to 10 cm. As a result, an almost regular polygon is obtained. Sometimes, the blade side closer to the spine features a hole for convenience of storage as such a large tool needs a separate hook and will hardly fit into a regular knife block.


Samura Kitchen Cleavers. Options for Professional Kitchen.


The kitchen cleaver is a convenient and functional tool that is successfully used not only at home, but also in the professional kitchen of cafés and restaurants. Specifically for the HoReCa environment, we developed and produced tools that best meet the requirements for such knives.




The cleaver blade of this series is made of single-layer steel, and the handle is made of high-quality plastic. An optimal hardness allows the cutting edge to maintain its sharpness for extended periods, with the ergonomic handle giving you an absolute control over the cooking process. The blade is soldered to a metallic bolster to prevent your hand from coming into contact with meat. A special hole in the blade allows you to store the cleaver suspended on the hook.




A unique knife series in which all knife parts - both the blade and the handle - are made of steel. Due to this feature, this knife can be washed both manually and in a dishwasher, which is indeed hardly possible when it comes to high-quality tools. The ribbed handle is styled on a bamboo stem, fits well in your hand and does not rotate in it. This kitchen cleaver is almost immune to mechanical stresses and will serve its owner hand and foot for many years.


Samura consumer Kitchen Cleavers


Well, amateur gastrologists will be satisfied for sure with a budget, but very high-quality kitchen cleaver from Harakiri collection. Single-layer steel and plastic handle come in two colors - black and white. A massive blade will perfectly cope with cutting small carcasses of birds, fish, and animals. By the way, it will equally easily cut hard pumpkins or large, full-ripe marrows.


A small hole in the blade allows suspended storage. In addition, this cleaver can be placed on a magnetic stand or in a box with other kitchen tools. The Samura Harakiri kitchen cleaver is a real workhorse suitable for daily and intensive use in the home kitchen.