Fillet knives

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Samura MO-V Fillet knife 8.5``/218 mm.

The professional fillet knife for dealing with meat as part of Samura's special offer. With its one-..

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Samura HARAKIRI Fillet knife 8,5

Samura Harakiri fillet knife is indispensable for the carving of fish or meat, when you need to sepa..

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Fillet knives

The right fillet knife - what should it be?


The fillet knife is a kitchen tool designed for the most delicate and fine work. Kitchen utility knives are known to exist, however, they simply cannot handle some types of operations due to their limited functionality. These operations include all kitchen activities related to tender and juicy fillet of fish, chicken, and meat.

The fillet knife has the following functions:

  • Separating flesh from the hide, skin, small bones, tendons and other tissues;
  • Cutting filigree layers, pieces, and slices of flesh;
  • Slicing. This knife's blade features enable to use it both as an ordinary slicer for accurate slicing of dainties and when making sushi and other dishes of the Japanese cuisine. Although quite inconsistent with its intended use, but situationally quite justified, and, most importantly, very convenient.


The fillet knife is considered especially indispensable when working with fish. Meat and poultry have rather dense flesh structure, and other knife types can essentially cope with it. But delicate gentle fish fillet requires careful handling: it is only the fillet knife that can separate the bones correctly and neatly and cut fish fillet into slices.


Fillet knife Samura Mo-V


Fillet Knife Features


The fillet knife has quite a characteristic and recognizable appearance: it is distinguished by a long, thin and very narrow blade that allows the knife to maintain its plasticity and flexibility. The spine is either completely straight, or slightly ascended to the point. The cutting edge has the maximum extension to ensure a smooth and neat cut in one pass. The point is very sharp allowing the knife to penetrate easily even dense textures.


The length of a thin blade can range from 15 to 30 cm, but 19 to 23 cm is usually enough for home use. The blade slightly tapers and ascends to the point and is always a little bit narrower than the handle. A small beveled angle of 20-25° is considered optimal for this variety.


The fillet knife can have either a straight or V-shaped butt that is almost always wider than the blade itself and serves as a kind of limiter when the knife is inserted into the flesh. A bolster or guard is considered optional. Nevertheless, both of them can certainly provide greater safety and hygienic capacity in work.


The already mentioned flexibility is of fundamental importance for this variety. The separation of the skin and bones requires special maneuverability, with the tool being able to easily curve around the bones by repeating their contours, sometimes even at a very sharp angle. Ideally, the fillet knife should be able to bend 2-3 cm in each direction from the spine line.


Samura Fillet Knife for Professional and Home Kitchen


When it comes to the Samura range, then excellent knives for dealing with fish, poultry and meat can be found in the MO-V and Harakiri collections.




This is an excellent specimen of single-layer steel with high corrosion resistance, splendid performance and a convenient handle made of high-quality plastic. Its parameters fully comply with all sanitary and hygiene requirements, therefore, the fillet knife can be used both at home and in the HoReCa environment.


The handle, which is much smaller than the blade itself, gives a strong and ergonomic grip. A knife is very convenient to manipulate, thus enabling to cope even with the most difficult and delicate work. High-carbon steel provides the necessary hardness so that the cutting edge sharpness will persist for a long time. Moreover, it is alloyed with various elements that help successfully resist rust, as well as mechanical and other stresses. Given all its strength, the tool is very flexible and resilient.




The fillet knife from the most numerous Samura's collection will be ideal for daily use at home. This collection has almost the same performance characteristics.The high-quality steel blade and the ABS plastic handle ensure long and steady-going service of these knives. In addition, the optimal blade hardness allows doing without sharpening and grinding for extended periods.


The Harakiri series fillet knife with an ideal price-quality ratio will be an indispensable and reliable assistant in any kitchen.