Paring knives

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Samura KAIJU paring knife 3.1

You can buy the Samura Kaiju series vegetable knife right on this website - in our special online st..

Ex Tax: 32.00€

Samura MO-V Paring knife 3,2

This Samura MO-V Paring knife is considered the smallest of all kitchen knives when it comes to size..

Ex Tax: 24.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Paring knife 4,0

Presentation Samura Harakiri BlackTerms of use Samura Harakiri..

Ex Tax: 18.00€

Samura 67 Paring knife 3,9

To buy the knife for vegetables and fruits of Samura 67 series, just place an order in our special S..

Ex Tax: 20.00€

Samura DAMASCUS 67 Paring knife 3,9

This is a light multi-purpose knife for cutting and cleaning small vegetables and fruits, sausages, ..

Ex Tax: 44.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Paring knife 4,0

Presentation Samura Harakiri WoodTerms of use Samura Harakiri..

Ex Tax: 18.00€

Samura DAMASCUS Paring knife 3.2' /80mm.

Regardless of the size of your current kitchen collection, this paring knife with unique Damascus st..

Ex Tax: 42.00€

Samura SHADOW Paring knife with Black anti-slip coating 4,0

You can buy a knife made of Japanese steel specifically designed for vegetables and fruits. Thi..

Ex Tax: 18.00€

Samura HARAKIRI Paring knife 4,0

Presentation Samura Harakiri WhiteTerms of use Samura Harakiri..

Ex Tax: 18.00€

Samura SAKAI Paring knife 3

The Samura online store offers to buy the Damascus steel paring knife from the elite Sakai series. I..

Ex Tax: 136.00€
Paring knives

Choose a paring knife made by Samura


There are knives, which are mandatorily to be in every kitchen, and a paring knife is one of them. Vegetables and fruits are an important part of the human diet and, of course, in any quantity is present on any table. Like any other product, plant food needs to be cooked. And even if no heat treatment is required, it is always necessary to peel or cut it. It is the intended purpose of a paring knife.


There is a range of paring knives: peelers, knives for tomatoes, for peeling of round fruits, Japanese Nakiri and etc. They all are designed for specific tasks. But an ordinary paring knife is a multipurpose and almost irreplaceable tool.


Samura small Kitchen Knife


Functions and features of the paring knife


The blade shape of the paring knife, like of any other purpose-designed one, is maximally adapted to perform strictly defined actions. Among them:


  • peeling removal of excess parts (stems from peppers, cores of apples and pears);
  • removal of surface defects (potato eyes) or damaged areas;
  • cutting vegetables and fruits into pieces, segments or slices.


However, this small knife will be convenient for cutting any other products that fit in size. The main feature of the paring knife is a short and narrow blade, convenient for working with fruit and vegetables of different shapes and sizes. Usually the length of the blade does not exceed 7-10 cm. The blade is equipped with a pointed tip, which greatly simplifies operations to remove unnecessary parts.


The handle of such a knife is usually not too big. It is sufficient to ensure a reliable grip, a good balance with the blade and the necessary maneuverability, but at the same time does not heavily weight the knife as a whole. By the way, it is an important thing as the knife is usually used for quite a long time. Samura offers a wide range of paring knives to its customers — from budget-friendly models to premium ones.


Budget-friendly paring knives


Paring knife is one of the most in-demand in the kitchen. And if you need a workhorse for daily work, you should pay attention to Samura Harakiri and Shadow collections made of single-layer steel.


The Harakiri collection  is distinguished by functionality and simple design. All that is needed is in its place, and at the same time there is nothing in excess. Plastic handles are presented in three colors — black, brown and white. They will be in harmony with an interior of almost any kitchen, if you prefer to choose cooking tools by this criterion.


The Shadow  collection  feature is a coal-black blade. The special composition that is applied on the blade not only looks stylish, but also prevents sticking of food and protects the paring knife from mechanical damage.


Professional knives for vegetables and fruits


There are special requirements to professional knife for vegetables and fruit. It must comply with sanitary and hygienic standards, remain sharp for a long time and be easy to care for. Samura has knives with these characteristics.


Each knife of the MO-V series (the paring one is not an exception) is equipped with a metal cap for plastic and a bolster. These details reliably cover joints of the knife elements, preventing bacteria from accumulating in them. A bolster, among other things, prevents the cook hand from touching the cut food and ensures the necessary safety of work, not allowing your fingers to slip onto the blade.


Option number two — Samura Bamboo — is a very special collection. Each knife of this series is entirely made of single-layer steel without seams and gaps — this provides an absolute hygienic! The metal handle repeats the shape of the bamboo stem and looks very stylish. And this knife is permitted to be washed in the dishwasher, unlike most of others.


Knives for vegetables made of single-layer steel


Paring knives from the collections Kaiju and Samura 67 also have their own unique features.


Kaiju knife has a hammered steel blade that imitates the hand-forged pattern — the blacking and rough surface of the blade not only give the knife an absolutely amazing look, but also serve as an excellent protection against corrosion and sticking of the products during cooking. The elegant design is complemented by a handle made of techological Pakka-wood.


Samura 67 collection is completely identically to Damascus 67 made of Damascus steel. The only difference is that this knife is made for vegetables and fruits from single-layer and high-quality steel AUS-8.


Knives for vegetables and fruits made of Damascus steel


Knives for vegetables made of Damascus steel are presented in three luxury collections. Damascus and Damascus 67 are made of 67 layers of steel of different hardness and a handle of expensive and high-quality plastic. Damascus series differs from Damascus 67 only by the presence of a bolster and the handle cap in the first collection.


Sakai knives are the impressive blade surface and an amazing reddish shade of a wooden handle. They are made of 33-layer steel and equipped with a bolster. Damascus and Sakai knives will be an excellent decoration both for home and professional collections of kitchen utensils. It is easy to find an ideal paring knife for your kitchen among such a variety of knives in Samura online store.