Tomato knives

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Samura MO-V Tomato knife 5,0

The tomato knife with a narrow serrated blade is designed for processing vegetables and fruits with ..

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Tomato knives

Tomato Knives


The tomato knife is rather attributed to an auxiliary kitchen tool than to a basic one, with this knife being a must in every kitchen. However, this in no way detracts from the great many merits of the tomato knife.


To begin with, it can be used not only for slicing tomatoes. It will cope perfectly fine with oranges, lemons, grapefruits, other citrus fruits, pineapples, etc. In addition, it can cut easily and accurately even a small bun or another pastry. Well, the tomato knife will handle cheese or hard sausage varieties much more effectively than an ordinary knife with a smooth cutting edge provided, of course, you have no dedicated gastronomic or cheese knife.


The point is that its short narrow blade, which is very similar to that of an ordinary paring knife, is equipped with a serrated grind. It is these small and sharp teeth that enable to quickly and effectively overcome the resistance of the hard skin, without exerting much pressure on the soft core. The fruits and vegetables cut with this blade will have a neat and even cut with a minimum loss of juice - your festive table will look great! There will be no bread crumbs or shapeless crushed pulp, which would otherwise make it difficult to identify belonging to any plant.


Nonetheless, the blade of the tomato knife is typically slightly longer than that of the paring knife, approx. 10-13 cm on average. The point is sharp and very convenient to pick up the cut pieces and transfer them to a plate.


Unlike the smooth one, the cutting edge with a serrated grind is less prone to wear and retains its sharpness much longer. And this is good news, because it is quite difficult to sharpen a wavy blade at home - you will need to have it done by a specialist. However, you will not need to do that often - just a few times during the whole service life of the tomato knife (which is quite long, like that of any high-quality tool).


Samura Tomato Knives


The Samura tomato knives have all the necessary characteristics to make a neat cut of such delicate products: the serrated cutting edge, the sharp point and the convenient plastic handles that give full control over the cut. The blade tang penetrates almost the entire length of the handle and is carefully fixed therein. The hole at the top is closed with a special metallic cap, and the blade is securely soldered to the metallic bolster.


These knives can be found in two collections, each of which is a real piece of art.


  • The MO-V collection is distinguished by its exquisite design and high functionality. The single-layer steel is hardened to the optimum hardness of 59 HRC, which in combination with the serrated grind makes it difficult to blunt, and the cutting edge will be handling its duties effectively for long. The handle of high-quality G-10 plastic is chemically neutral, resistant to mechanical effects and high temperatures and is completely safe for humans.
  • The Damascus series is one of the series of our knives made of the legendary Damascus steel. The blade consists of a core with a hardness of 61 HRC and 67 softer steel layers. This enables it to maintain impeccable blade sharpness for a long time, as well as makes it amazingly and uniquely beautiful. In addition, Damascus steel is remarkable for its sturdy strength and plasticity at the same time - it is almost impossible to damage such a blade.


The tomato knives from both collections fully comply with all sanitary and hygienic standards and norms and can be recommended for use both at home and in professional kitchens - in cafés, hotels, and restaurants.