Samura REPTILE Santoku Knife 6.7"

SOON IN STOCK Samura REPTILE Santoku Knife 6.7"

Maximum balanced and fantastically comfortable Japanese “omnivorous” chef knife Santoku Reptile. Once you read the name, the blood runs cold in the veins: the products voluntarily go under the knife and instantly turn into smooth beautiful cubes, slices, rings and half rings. Use this knife to work with meat and fish fillets, in gastronomy, with bread, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits. There is only one exception: do not use to work with frozen foods.

Blade hardness60 HRC
Blade length (mm)170
Blade materialAUS-10 Japan (Aichi Steel Corporation)
Blade typeSantoku Knife
Handle materialStainless Steel
Number of layers1
Overall length (mm)313
Weight (g)140

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