Samura REPTILE 3-piece knife set: Utility knife, Chef, Bread knife.

SOON IN STOCK Samura REPTILE 3-piece knife set: Utility knife,  Chef, Bread knife.

The set of three knives SAMURA REPTILE includes three models: an utillity knife, a bread knife and a European chef knife.

Utillity knife

The aesthetic form of this long universal knife Samura with the tip (168 mm) lowered down is a typical symbiosis of the Japanese knife tradition and modern technological design. A knife with a lenticular double-sided sharpening is extremely easy to use: the thinnest cutting of cheese, sausages, vegetables, non-frozen fish and meat fillets is all subject to a multifunctional Japanese universalism.

Bread knife

Bread knife - saw SAMURA Reptile with a blade length of 235 mm will cope with various products: with tough crunchy bread crust, with a delicate hot baguette, with strong nuts-fillings. This serrated knife - crocodile can be used as a knife for frozen foods. Included in the set "Cook Three" SAMURA Reptile.

European chef knife

The classic European chef with a blade length of 200 mm won the hearts of many chefs, amateur cooks and YouTube bloggers. Due to its shape, it combines lightness, original design, long-lasting sharpness and convenience!These are truly omnipotent knives that make wonders in the kitchen: cutting meat, bread, fish, gastronomy, vegetables, fruits, herbs and mushrooms. We strongly advise: take care of your fingers, as these fantastic Reptile chef knives are incredibly fast and sharp.

Blade hardness60 HRC
Blade materialAUS-10 Japan (Aichi Steel Corporation)
Handle materialStainless Steel
Number of layers1
Weight (g)875

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