Samura DAMASCUS Tomato knife 4,7

Samura DAMASCUS Tomato knife 4,7

The Damascus tomato knife by Samura is a wonderful tool that can cope with fragile food items that require special care to look attractive and unbroken.

The knife was crafted with adherence to the best Japanese traditions combined with modern technologies and it’s very appealing to have one in your kitchen to improve cooking experiments and performance.

This is exactly the tool that can puncture the tough exterior of products without turning the insides into mush or squeezing the juice excessively.

Owing to the optimal width of the blade and sharp serration, tomato knives are ideal for fruits and vegetables like cherries, berries, plumps, grapes, cherry tomatoes, kiwis and so on. No more splashes of juice and smashed products.

The durable and comfortable G-10 handle is equipped with a metal bolster, which ensures a firm grip. Double-sided sharpening of the edge and 67 layers of original Damascus steel allow the knife to remain razor sharp for years.

Fantastic ergonomics combined with proven effectiveness make this tomato knife a desirable tool for any professional or home cook.

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