Question: What is better to sharpen Samura steel knives with?

Answer: Samura's Japanese whetstones are ideal for sharpening high-grade steel knives.

  • For a very blunt knife, whetstones with grain size of 400 to 800 grit will be just fine.
  • For standard sharpening (not very blunt knife, but it feels like it is time to sharpen), pick up the whetstone with grain size of 1000 to 3000 grit.
  • However, for polishing and bringing the knife to razor sharpness you will need whetstones with grain size of 5000 to 8000 grit. 

Question: What is the difference between a honing rod and a knife sharpener?

Answer:  Knife sharpeners and whetstones are needed to sharpen extremely blunted or damaged blades. On the contrary, honing rods are designed for frequent use. It is a gentle mode for rapid recovery of the cutting edge. It is noteworthy that Japanese chefs do not use honing rods as they sharpen only the edge, whereas the whetstone covers the entire knife surface.

Question: What does the 3000# sharpening mean?

Answer:  It means that the knife was ground with a 3000 grit whetstone. The greater the grain size, the sharper the knife. More details on the grain size can be found here.

Question: Do ceramic knives need sharpening?

Answer: Ceramic knives can maintain their sharpness incredibly long and do not require that frequent sharpening. However, they do need sharpening, and for this purpose the Samura NEC-2000 electric sharpener or Diamond combination sharpening stone will come perfect.